Morning Wisdoms

Bliss is to wake up smiling
Bliss is to see that smile on your child
Bliss is when he says
You are a darling mom
You need nothing more
For the day has begun
Begun with the magic
God bless all…Love you all
Good Morning

An year coming to an end Or is it a new beginning A fresh start  May be an end of somethings Celebrations I can hear Hopes that beckon Future ought to be right For it is me who wishes it so From the depth of my heart To all my dears God bless you Happy 2019

Today is the day
Crisp and now
Script it sculpt it or paint it
For today is with you
As fresh and new
Let not go of the beauty
For today is the day
That’s in your hand.

Early morning I look out
The rays of the sun 
Peeping through the clouds
Like playing hide & seek
I wish for the light
For it brings happiness
I wish for the rains
For it brings joy
The bright colors of the flowers
Or the moisture on the leaves
Sun or rain
I love them both


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